A young child deals with the sadness of losing a pet in this gentle, sweet story about to how nothing can take away what lives in our heart.    **************************** “But sometimes friends have to say goodbye…” OLD PEARL Wendy Wahman – Author and Illustrator   Theo loves feeding the birds.  All the birds.   But he… Read More


Packed with vivid colors and striking illustrations, Mole in a Black and White Hole tells a charming tale about what awaits us when we seek out the light in the darkness.  Mole’s story catches our eye as well as capturing our heart.  I suspect we are all seeking the light these days. ********************* MOLE IN A BLACK… Read More


This book is such a great story to start conversations about feelings, being different, how we treat others and how to include classmates who might go to the beat of a different drummer. ********************* TWO SPECKLED EGGS Jennifer K. Mann – Author/Illustrator Lyla Browning wears drab clothes and glasses, and her affection for insects is certainly… Read More


This is a feel-good story of conviction and friendship.  It celebrates Bear’s determination and acknowledges that reading is not an easy task, something our children will be able to empathize with. Fundamental to the story is the subtle message that there’s a difference between not being able to read and not wanting to read. ********************** BEARS… Read More


This sweet rhyming book about the ups and downs of friendship is perfect for our youngest children who may be negotiating new friendships at school or nursery, or ongoing sibling relationships that definitely have high and low points.  A story about friends’ unwavering loyalty is always welcome, and our children will appreciate the sticking-like-glue pairing of… Read More


At a time when kindness, friendship, and community are more important than ever, author Nina Laden brings us her incredible book, You Are A Beautiful Beginning.   It is a celebration of self-love, friendship, and community.  Inspired by the timeless adage, this book is meant to empower our little ones and help them find their self-confidence and… Read More

NOT NORMAN… A Goldfish Story

In this story the author reminds us about the pitfalls of making snap judgments about pets — or people.  It’s a tale about finding the good in something you didn’t know you wanted.   ************************************** NOT NORMAN A Goldfish Story Kelly Bennett – Author Noah Z. Jones – Illustrator Norman the goldfish isn’t what this little… Read More

Little Wise Wolf

In this big story, disguised as a small one, the author explores the value of relationships and the interconnectedness of us all. It highlights for our children an important life lesson – everyone has unique skills and knowledge, so everyone in a community matters — and we all need the help of others sometimes. ******************************* A… Read More


Bear Came Along is a story about connection —  a group of woodland characters, who otherwise would not have met, experience a turbulent trip down a river and becoming friends as a result.  The message that comes through for even the youngest of readers: We are all in this together, and our differences strengthen our unity…. Read More

LOUIS the Bear Has Had Enough!

This is a fresh and funny take on a teddy bear come to life.  Your family will love this salty and sweet, grumpy and tender, sly tribute to the ties that bind.  The bond between a child and their stuffed friend demonstrates that while life is full of bumps and bruises, hugs are magical. This special… Read More