This is a feel-good story of conviction and friendship.  It celebrates Bear’s determination and acknowledges that reading is not an easy task, something our children will be able to empathize with. Fundamental to the story is the subtle message that there’s a difference between not being able to read and not wanting to read.



Emma Chichester Clark – Author and Illustrator

George is an unusual bear. He isn’t happy to spend his time catching fish in the river or sitting chatting with the other bears. He thinks there must be something more to life than this.   George the bear is bored.

“Oh, life is lovely,” he thought. “Tra-la-la and all that!  But is this it?” he wondered.  “Is this all there is?”

Then one day, he stumbles across a book that had been left in the grass. It has lots of pictures of a bear just like him, but there are also a great number of words that he can’t read.

 So, he decides to go into the town to find someone who will teach him to read.


  Of course a bear wandering around a town causes a bit of a stir.  Instead of being greeted by a band of willing helpers, he is met by people fleeing and the police riot squad!


And then, he meets Clementine…

Clementine sees the bear who is carrying a book she thought she had lost.  Of course, the twosome pair up to the satisfaction of all, proving once again that reading is magic, and for George, it’s just the beginning.

Clementine asks her mum if they can take the bear home and teach him to read. The mother says yes, of course, because this is a story book.  🙂




Things to talk about as a family…

What would you do if you found a bear in your library?

Talk about some of your favorite characters in books you’ve read.   Which character would you like to meet and why?

What do you think happens to George and Clementine after the story ends?