Giggle away those grumps with This is Gus is a hilarious picture book.  It’s all about bad moods and learning to compromise. After all . . . we all have Gus days! ****************************** THIS IS GUS Chris Chatterton – Author and Illustrator Gus has grouch written all over him. His brow is furrowed, his eyes are… Read More


Every Little Letter shows how even the smallest among us can make a big impact, and how a single act of friendship can inspire whole communities to come together. “How do you tear down walls? With words, at first. Then brick by brick.”  Unity and division are themes rich for exploration in this story of alphabet… Read More


If learning mathematics is going to be an exciting adventure for our young learners, then we need to ensure that they experience sufficient opportunities to enjoy working flexibly across the mathematics curriculum. Being flexible enables them to appreciate that problems may have more than one possible answer and become more willing to consider alternative strategies when… Read More


This is an enduring story about our boundless love for our children, life’s endless opportunities, and all we need to build a “together future”. The special relationship the father and daughter share promises a beautiful future together.  A gorgeously told father-daughter story. ***************************** A heartfelt hug of a book…… WHAT WE’LL BUILD:  Plans for Our Future… Read More


What’s the best way to introduce our children to Yayoi Kusama?  Start with dots, of course! That’s what MOMA curator Sarah Suzuki has done in Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity, the children’s book that teaches our young artists about the legendary Japanese artist’s life and work. Yayoi Kusama From Here to Infinity Sarah Suzuki – Author… Read More


The emerging science of the brain shows that mathematical thinking centrally involves visual pathways – and finger representations are important to consider.  Utilizing fingers and other concrete ways to solve problems adds meaning to numbers.   Strong mathematics learners are those who think deeply, make connections and visualize problems ********************************* ONE BIG TRIANGLE Here are nine triangles…. Read More


Families will find this book  helpful in explaining why we all need to wear masks sometimes — from cowboys, to doctors, baseball catchers, astronauts, chemists…and even superheroes and witches! Inspired by her own young children, the author hopes that this lighthearted story helps reduce some of our children’s stress about wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic…. Read More


In a culture that prizes achievement, kids are often afraid to fail – failing to realize that some of the very ideas that don’t work are steps along the path to ones that will.  Persistence and creativity can lead to amazing things, as Leif the leaf discovers in this lovely book. ******************************* LEIF and the FALL… Read More


These open-ended activities are designed to allow our children to demonstrate their mathematical creativity. Both involve manipulating triangles to strengthen their understanding that rotating a shape does not change the shape itself, it just puts it in a different place (or orientation). *********************************** A Perfect Introduction to today’s activities. “NOTES ON A TRIANGLE” This short animation… Read More

Warm Reminiscences

This story is about communication and what it takes to initiate the bond not only between the very old and the very young, but between people of any age–to reconnect with the ordinary aspects of life that were ever significant to us. ************************************* Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge Mem Fox – Author Julie Vivas – Illustrator Wilfred… Read More