Bear Came Along is a story about connection —  a group of woodland characters, who otherwise would not have met, experience a turbulent trip down a river and becoming friends as a result.  The message that comes through for even the youngest of readers:

We are all in this together, and our differences strengthen our unity.



Richard T. Morris – Author
Leuyen Pham – Illustrator
Caldecott Honor Book 

 This tale revolves around a curious bear falling into a river and grabbing onto a floating log.  What begins as a solo log ride down a river for Bear turns into a group adventure as new forest animals join the pileup hurtling through the water.   Each has a different approach to the wild ride: the turtles worry about what could go wrong, while the raccoons delight in the “twists and turns.”

They clutch each other tight with fear as they swerve through the river’s many twists and turns and then go over a huge waterfall.

AND… they express shared jubilation when they survive the plunge, enjoying the bond they now share.







Two questions to think about:

Was the bear the same at the beginning of the book as he was at the end?

What happened along the way to change the way he was feeling and acting?


Bear Came Along – Drawing