“Pigeon Math” is about a pigeon who is trying to tell a story.  Telling a story about pigeons should be simple. But what’s a narrator to do when the number of his feathered friends is constantly changing?  A series of humorous events keeps happening, causing the pigeon to restart the story.  Can our storyteller use math… Read More


The only rule for attending this party was … you MUST bring a hat. But what if you didn’t own a hat? Will bringing a monkey wearing a hat be enough? Find out in this tale that builds to a gloriously quirky, hilarious ending. *********************************** “Mounting exasperation, preposterous rules, and just plain fun make this party… Read More


Edmund is a very forgetful elephant… When he’s sent to the shops to get some things for a birthday party, he finds that he can’t remember what he was supposed to buy. His purchases become sillier and sillier.  Your family will love this delightfully funny story, with a message about making the most of the unexpected…. Read More


When a chipmunk mistakes Hare for a rabbit, Hare puts him in his place.  Actually, the chipmunk is a SQUIRREL. Or so he says.  🙂 The clever dialogue between the characters on the differences between commonly mixed-up animals is a sneakily educational readaloud.  It offers a gentle lesson on appreciating differences and standing up for what you… Read More


Our young readers will love the humor, details and visual games in this warm book.  It celebrates the absurdity of kings, knights and dragons and invites  our children into the game. **************************************** A fun, goofy bedtime—or anytime—story. WHERE IS THE DRAGON? Leo Timmers – Author and Illustrator The king is having dreadful dragon nightmares.  He orders… Read More

CLICK, CLACK, MOO … Cows That Type!

Farmer Brown’s problems REALLY begin when his cows start leaving him notes! Come join the fun as a bunch of literate cows turn Farmer Brown’s farm upside-down! ******************************   CLICK, CLACK, MOO Cows That Type Doreen Cronin – Author Betsy Lewin – Illustrator Spunky barnyard animals unite to improve their working conditions in this hilarious picture… Read More


We are reminded that opening our minds to new experiences, no matter how challenging, can lead to great memories.  Our children will understand what Ernestine knows… the world looks different after a wonderful adventure. **************************** This delightful trip will be savored again and again. THE CAMPING TRIP Jennifer Mann- Author and Illustrator Ernestine has never been… Read More


Bear Came Along is a story about connection —  a group of woodland characters, who otherwise would not have met, experience a turbulent trip down a river and becoming friends as a result.  The message that comes through for even the youngest of readers: We are all in this together, and our differences strengthen our unity…. Read More

Mr Brown’s Bad Day

Mr Brown’s Bad Day is a wonderfully witty madcap adventure with inventive twists and turns, a series of unlucky events, a comic chase and a brilliant and reassuring surprise ending.  A perfect for bedtime story. ****************************** “Laugh-out-loud fun and a lovely sweet ending.” Kirkus MR. BROWN’S BAD DAY LOU PEACOCK – AUTHOR ALISON FRIEND – ILLUSTRATOR… Read More

SEE the CAT: Three Stories About a Dog

“Sardonic cartoon drawings and the play on words cleverly elevate the repetitive, Dick-and-Jane pattern to include humor and suspense. Children, who are frequently subject to the control of others, will delight in seeing Max mirror their emotions and turn the tables.”Kirkus Your children will cheer for the affronted Max in this well-crafted early reader with delightful… Read More