Mathematicians often know lots of mathematical facts, but more importantly, they think about math in different ways.  These problems provide  opportunities that encourage our children to work systematically. They also offer the chance to focus on reasoning and  problem solving. ************************** THREE BALL LINE UP Age 5 to 7  Two children are playing with three balls,… Read More


Good thinkers collaborate and communicate.  These problems are ideal to work on with a partner. If we encourage our children to work in pairs or small groups and share ideas, they may learn to recognize that  two heads can be better than one. *********************************** SORTING SHAPES Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level Sara and Will were… Read More


Mathematics is a creative and visual subject. Today’s activities give space for our children to exercise the visual part of their brain. It encourages them to be visual and make connections between decomposing larger shapes into smaller shapes or composing smaller shapes to make larger shapes. ********************* TRIANGLE DESIGNS This activity makes space for the whole… Read More


With cardboard, scissors, and art supplies, our families can create DIY construction sets with interlocking slots. We all have a steady supply of cardboard these days,  so I started playing with the idea of making multiple pieces from cardboard.  I traced and cut out cardboard circles, then tested out ways to connect the pieces.  I cut… Read More

HAVE A GO…Trial and Improvement

These challenges offer our children the opportunity to develop their own problem solving strategies.  The power of trial and improvement will undoubtedly be used to arrive at solutions. ******************************** THREE BY THREE Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level Arrange three red, three blue and three yellow counters into a three-by-three square grid, so that there is… Read More


Ah…the wonders of a beach walk.  This charming book delights in many ways. First, the entire story is told with s-words, adjectives, verbs, and nouns: scruffy, slosh, and, best of all, standstill, as the two beachgoers, a mother and a child, encounter something special. *************************** SEASIDE STROLL Charles Trevino – Author Maribel Lechuga – Illustrator Told with only… Read More


Venn diagrams allow children to sort data into two or three circles which overlap in the middle.   Guess My Rule gives our children the opportunity to explain their thinking and justify their reasoning. *************************************** GUESS MY RULE   1.  Some shapes belong in the circle, and some shapes do not. There is a rule to decide… Read More


These activities focus on finding all possible solutions while having a bit of fun.  Support your children to work in a systematic way.   Your youngest ones will enjoy working together as they attempt to discover all the possibilities. ************************ BUILD A ROBOT Robots Parts to Cut Out *********************************** INSIDE TRIANGLES Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level… Read More


Our young children are learning to think creatively when they have opportunities to solve problems.  Good thinkers are resourceful and reflective.  They look back on what they have accomplished in order to learn from both successes and failures.   NUMBER DETECTIVE Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level Calling all detectives! You will need to think creatively,… Read More


Through playing with numbers, these activities will support our young children with the development of their sense of addition. ****************************   FAIR EXCHANGE Age 5 to 7  In your bank, you have three types of coins. The number of spots shows how much they are worth. Can you choose coins to exchange with the groups below… Read More