This is a perfect story to share with our children at any time, but especially with a little gardener at springtime. Perhaps it will inspire you and your little helpers to plant your own perfect garden! *********************** BADGER’S PERFECT GARDEN Marsha Diane Arnold – Author Ramona Kaulitzki – Illustrator It is spring. Badger has dozens of… Read More


Dominoes!  We can build on our children’s knowledge of counting and patterns by setting up sequences of dominoes to continue.  We can challenge children to arrange certain dominoes in particular ways or sort the dominoes into groups. The opportunities for our children to recognize, interpret, describe and extend number sequences are endless. *************************** THE NEXT DOMINO… Read More


Most of us are spending a lot more time indoors these days.  Hopefully, these activities will keep your family engaged in creative pursuits, that will also stretch their minds. ******************************** GEOBOTS CREATING ROBOTS WITH GEOMETRIC SHAPES     Materials can be whatever you’d like.  I used my computer to draw the ones above. Cut out lots… Read More


“Children have such vibrant minds.  They need to play.  They need to be creative.  They need to imagine.  It’s so important for their sense of self discovery.”   Such wisdom from Jan Brett,  American illustrator and author of beautiful children’s picture books. ************** “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein is just the beginning.  Let’s get out on… Read More