This book is such a great story to start conversations about feelings, being different, how we treat others and how to include classmates who might go to the beat of a different drummer.



Jennifer K. Mann – Author/Illustrator

Lyla Browning wears drab clothes and glasses, and her affection for insects is certainly unpopular among Ginger’s crowd of friends.


Ginger’s birthday party was in two weeks,
and she wanted to invite all the girls in her class …except Lyla Browning.

But Ginger’s mom said, “It’s all or none”, so Lyla was invited, too.

Since “none of them” wouldn’t be a very fun birthday party,
Ginger invited all of them —even Lyla Browning.

“Finally, it was time for the silver-and-gold cake, Ginger’s favorite.  But Maggie didn’t like coconut and Sara wouldn’t eat the pineapple part.  The rest of the girls just picked at the frosting and didn’t touch the cake, except Lyla Browning.”

By the time Lyla gives Ginger her present — a tiny homemade nest with two delicious malted-milk eggs…

Ginger begins to wonder… is being different really such a bad thing?  Lyla’s present turns out to be the most thoughtful of all…and the start of a lasting friendship.


Quite certain you will be charmed by this sharing of today’s book, Two Speckled Eggs.


Perhaps your family might like to discuss the following questions…

How does Ginger feel when the kids are wrecking her games? When they don’t like her cake? When Lyla offers a ladybug?

How was Lyla’s present different than the others?   Hmmm..
“Lyla’s was in a plain box with the top open and the other ones were brought in a special way, gift bags, bows and ribbons.”