A young child deals with the sadness of losing a pet in this gentle, sweet story about to how nothing can take away what lives in our heart.   


“But sometimes friends have to say goodbye…”


Wendy Wahman – Author and Illustrator


Theo loves feeding the birds.  All the birds.  

But he tries his hardest to aim his seeds to the old bird with the raggedy wing—Pearl.

When a dog came running toward the birds, Theo realized the bird with the raggedy wing couldn’t  fly.




After Theo rescued the little bird, he carried it home to his grandmother Pearl.  Initially, Theo’s grandmother told him that he couldn’t  bring the bird inside, but when he explained that the bird couldn’t fly, she agreed to care for the bird overnight.

But tomorrow she goes straight back to where you found her.”


The following day they  brought Pearl to the veterinarian.

The veterinarian examined Pearl, beak to toe.

Nothing out of the ordinary,” said the doctor,”except this bum wing
that’s got her grounded. 
She’s just old.”


On the way to return Pearl to the park, Theo’s grandmother had a change of heart. She drove past the park and stopped at a pet supply store.


Theo loved having Old Pearl  living with them.  They spent their days together going for walks, having meals, reading. Old Pearl was one happy bird.



One morning, though,
Pearl did not wake from
her sweet dreams.



As tomorrow’s came and went,
Theo’s memories of Pearl turned
from tears to smiles.





And after a bit of time passed…

Theo and his grandmother returned to the park, with bird seed in hand, to continue doing what he loved…

feeding the birds.  All the birds.


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Guidelines from the Audubon Society  “What To Do With an Injured or Orphaned Bird”

Few things are more heartbreaking than encountering an injured, sick, or orphaned bird (adult or chick) or other wild animal. It is in our human nature to want to help, but how do we make sure we do more good than harm? Follow these important guidelines.