At a time when kindness, friendship, and community are more important than ever, author Nina Laden brings us her incredible book, You Are A Beautiful Beginning.   It is a celebration of self-love, friendship, and community.  Inspired by the timeless adage, this book is meant to empower our little ones and help them find their self-confidence and build self-esteem.  It encourages readers old and young to discover their own endless potential.


You Are A Beautiful Beginning

Nina Laden – Author
Kelsey Garrity-Riley – Illustrator

After drawing an imagined adventure, a slicker-clad child leaves her house nestled in a small community and journeys to a nearby woodland.

Together, the words and illustrations tell the journey of this young girl who travels through a wooded community and meets friends along the way.


The three children come together to build a magnificent and cozy treehouse for all their forest friends. Along the way, they discover the truth behind the adage that “it is not the destination, but the journey.”

As they gather, regroup, plan some more and build, we are reminded:

“It is not knowing all the answers.
It is listening to what others have to say.
It is not about winning the game.
It’s having fun while you play.
It’s not making the most friends.
It’s loving the one who is there.” 

Throughout the day, they adventure, play, build and finally enjoy a clubhouse under a huge tree.  All the while, the children are surrounded by trees—with just a touch of fantasy.  Fairies, gnomes in pointed hats, rocks, flowers, animals, and insects are never far from the action.

And finally, our children are encouraged to share, help others to grow and look for light in the darkness, assuring them that “It is not being a hero.  It is being part of a team.  It is not putting up walls.  It is about building a dream,”

Finally as night falls, the friends head home.


The book leaves us with these wonderful words………..

“It is not wishing to be different.

It is learning to love being you.

It is not the end of your story.

It is a beautiful beginning, too.”