Edmund is a very forgetful elephant… When he’s sent to the shops to get some things for a birthday party, he finds that he can’t remember what he was supposed to buy. His purchases become sillier and sillier.  Your family will love this delightfully funny story, with a message about making the most of the unexpected…. Read More


This is a feel-good story of conviction and friendship.  It celebrates Bear’s determination and acknowledges that reading is not an easy task, something our children will be able to empathize with. Fundamental to the story is the subtle message that there’s a difference between not being able to read and not wanting to read. ********************** BEARS… Read More


This is one of those rare books that our children can return to again and again through the years, each time finding new meaning appropriate to their varying ages and stages.  It celebrates both the wonders of wandering far in pursuit of one’s dreams and the sweet comfort of returning home ************************* THE BEAR AND THE… Read More

HAVE A GO…Trial and Improvement

These challenges offer our children the opportunity to develop their own problem solving strategies.  The power of trial and improvement will undoubtedly be used to arrive at solutions. ******************************** THREE BY THREE Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level Arrange three red, three blue and three yellow counters into a three-by-three square grid, so that there is… Read More