We are all like trees: our spines, trunks and our skin, bark.   Our hearts give us strength and support, like heartwood. We are fueled by air and sun. Like humans, trees are social. They “talk” to spread information; they share food and resources. They shelter and take care of one another. They are stronger together. ***************************… Read More


Good parents everywhere know the tension of wanting our kids to be curious, to have rich experiences and friends…but to be perfectly safe while doing it. ******************************* A tender little story…… LITTLE FOX Edward van de Vendel – Author Marije Tolman – Illustrator   An exuberant young fox plays joyfully among birds and animals, not always… Read More


For my final blog post of 2020, I’d like to share a book that was just published.  After the Snowfall  is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces our children to the wonder of nature in winter.  While the narrative may be slim, the marvelous art will warm up your family this Winter.   After the Snowfall… Read More


Inspired in part by his own childhood, this gorgeous picture book from Jim LaMarche tells the story of one stubborn boy’s unexpectedly wonderful summer on the river.  This is an imagination-sparking story about appreciating the simple, natural joys of the world and the people in it.  It is also about discovering and exploring one’s own talents. … Read More

APPLE CAKE… a Gratitude

Initially, Apple Cake appears to be a simple picture book, but in fact, its contents are quite sophisticated.  I suspect that rarely do we think of the chain of events that have led to our eating a particular food item at a meal.   With tender illustrations that are filled with emotion, this sweet picture book encourages children… Read More


So, what about our ordinary, everyday things….the moments you treasure and the magic you make?  We live in a world obsessed with the mighty. The large. The barely achievable. Yet wondrous things happen all around us.  Extraordinary! is both a wake-up call and a love song to the quiet, everyday moments that remind us what an amazing… Read More