These problems will give our children the chance to work methodically to answer the questions.  It is important to remember mistakes are valuable, they encourage brain growth and learning. *********************************   MATCHING TRIANGLES These triangles belong to three different families.     All the triangles in the same family are the same shape. But they may… Read More

Mr Brown’s Bad Day

Mr Brown’s Bad Day is a wonderfully witty madcap adventure with inventive twists and turns, a series of unlucky events, a comic chase and a brilliant and reassuring surprise ending.  A perfect for bedtime story. ****************************** “Laugh-out-loud fun and a lovely sweet ending.” Kirkus MR. BROWN’S BAD DAY LOU PEACOCK – AUTHOR ALISON FRIEND – ILLUSTRATOR… Read More


One of the essential mathematical problem-solving skills that we want to help children to develop is that of logical thinking: ‘if this … then that’. Strategy games are a great way for our children to develop this skill in a stimulating environment. Strategy games are low threshold high ceiling tasks where all children can easily access… Read More


The emerging science of the brain shows that mathematical thinking centrally involves visual pathways – and finger representations are important to consider.  Utilizing fingers and other concrete ways to solve problems adds meaning to numbers.   Strong mathematics learners are those who think deeply, make connections and visualize problems ********************************* ONE BIG TRIANGLE Here are nine triangles…. Read More


These open-ended activities are designed to allow our children to demonstrate their mathematical creativity. Both involve manipulating triangles to strengthen their understanding that rotating a shape does not change the shape itself, it just puts it in a different place (or orientation). *********************************** A Perfect Introduction to today’s activities. “NOTES ON A TRIANGLE” This short animation… Read More


Engaging our children in the problem-solving process provides an opportunity to explore and work from their own level of understanding.  The goal is to offer opportunities for rich, embedded learning, building towards new understandings. ******************************** LADYBUG COUNT Some children were playing a game. They collected cards with ladybugs on them. Here are the cards they had… Read More


Gus Gordon presents the us with a timeless, rather adult dilemma: how to act in the face of irresistible temptation.  The choices are provocative: impulsivity versus reflection, indulgence versus sacrifice, hoarding versus sharing…hmmm.   This book is definitely an opportunity for an interesting family discussion. *********************************** THE LAST PEACH Gus Gordon – Author Two little flying insects… Read More


In a world where perfection is emphasized, this is an important topic. Beautiful Oops! teaches children there’s no such thing as perfect.  Imperfection is okay, no, no… it’s beautiful. And seeing the beauty and extraordinary possibility in the things that go wrong…perfectly wonderful! **************************************** BEAUTIFUL OOPS! Barney Saltzberg – Author A celebration of creative thinking, this… Read More


Reasoning is fundamental to knowing and doing mathematics.  Some would call it systematic thinking. Reasoning enables children to make use of all their other mathematical skills.  Reasoning could be thought of as the “glue” which helps mathematics makes sense. ******************************************** This might be an opportunity for teamwork.  Partner with your children as they attempt this first… Read More

Becoming Problem Solvers – Learning How to Learn

Working systematically, is a key problem solving skill that will support children to become competent as problem solvers.  This is important when a task involves finding all possibilities, or when it is helpful to structure a method for solving a problem. ************************************************ A CITY OF TOWERS Age 5 to 7 In a certain city houses had… Read More