A little girl and her paper dolls go on amazing adventures in this picture book by Julia Donaldson. This a lovely story about imagination, memory, and links between generations. THE PAPER DOLLS Julia Donaldson – Author Rebecca Cobb – Illustrator   And her mother helped her make some paper dolls. “They were Ticky and Tacky and… Read More


We are all like trees: our spines, trunks and our skin, bark.   Our hearts give us strength and support, like heartwood. We are fueled by air and sun. Like humans, trees are social. They “talk” to spread information; they share food and resources. They shelter and take care of one another. They are stronger together. ***************************… Read More


Edmund is a very forgetful elephant… When he’s sent to the shops to get some things for a birthday party, he finds that he can’t remember what he was supposed to buy. His purchases become sillier and sillier.  Your family will love this delightfully funny story, with a message about making the most of the unexpected…. Read More


Mathematics is a creative and visual subject. Today’s activities give space for our children to exercise the visual part of their brain. It encourages them to be visual and make connections between decomposing larger shapes into smaller shapes or composing smaller shapes to make larger shapes. ********************* TRIANGLE DESIGNS This activity makes space for the whole… Read More


With cardboard, scissors, and art supplies, our families can create DIY construction sets with interlocking slots. We all have a steady supply of cardboard these days,  so I started playing with the idea of making multiple pieces from cardboard.  I traced and cut out cardboard circles, then tested out ways to connect the pieces.  I cut… Read More


This book is a celebration of the wondrous variety, colors and sounds of the avian world.  It is sure to have our children grabbing their binoculars and heading outside to explore.  A veteran birder invites our young readers to look for the birds around them.  🙂 **************************************** HOW TO FIND A BIRD Jennifer Ward – Author… Read More


Quiet and unpretentious, this is a simple story of charmed mice that offers a sweet depiction of companionship and creature comforts.  For some families it may wind up being a favorite. *********************************** Two newly-made paper mice explore a house at night and find what they didn’t know they were looking for . . . each other!… Read More


Good parents everywhere know the tension of wanting our kids to be curious, to have rich experiences and friends…but to be perfectly safe while doing it. ******************************* A tender little story…… LITTLE FOX Edward van de Vendel – Author Marije Tolman – Illustrator   An exuberant young fox plays joyfully among birds and animals, not always… Read More

SEE the CAT: Three Stories About a Dog

“Sardonic cartoon drawings and the play on words cleverly elevate the repetitive, Dick-and-Jane pattern to include humor and suspense. Children, who are frequently subject to the control of others, will delight in seeing Max mirror their emotions and turn the tables.”Kirkus Your children will cheer for the affronted Max in this well-crafted early reader with delightful… Read More


For my final blog post of 2020, I’d like to share a book that was just published.  After the Snowfall  is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces our children to the wonder of nature in winter.  While the narrative may be slim, the marvelous art will warm up your family this Winter.   After the Snowfall… Read More