Edmund is a very forgetful elephant…

When he’s sent to the shops to get some things for a birthday party, he finds that he can’t remember what he was supposed to buy. His purchases become sillier and sillier.  Your family will love this delightfully funny story, with a message about making the most of the unexpected.




Kate Dalgleish – Author
Isobel Lundie – Illustrator

We’ve all heard that elephants never forget, but little “Edmund did forget…a lot.” Still, his mother had entrusted him to pick up supplies for his little brother’s birthday party. She even gave him a song to help improve his memory.

“Elephants always remember,
Elephants don’t get it wrong.
Elephants always remember,
As long as they sing this song.”

And as a back-up, she gave him a list with six items on it.

When he stopped for a moment on his way to the stores, Edmund realized he’s forgotten the list! Meanwhile, Colin the cricket discovered the mix up and hurried after Edmund. Fortunately, Colin had a (typical) elephant’s memory and knew every item on the list. As Edmund came to the first store and pondered what was first on the list, Colin called out “It’s a bunch of blue balloons.”

Despite his big ears, Edmund couldn’t hear the tiny cricket, “but suddenly he saw… ‘Aha! A gang of masked raccoons!’” He picked them up and put them in his wagon.

At the next stop, Colin tried to remind Edmund about the “‘…twenty pointy party hats.’” Edmund knew it was something like “bats… or rats,” so when he saw “‘seven sassy dancing cats’” he knew he had it right. He loaded them up and continued on.

But what was number three? Edmund sang his mother’s song to try and remember while Colin shouted it as loudly as he could.

Just then Edmund crashed into exactly the thing he needed!

Into the wagon they went. Only three items left. But what was the next one? Colin bellowed the answer, but into the wagon went “‘a swinging baboon known as Betty!’” Edmund hurried to the last two stores and stocked up. Edmund was so proud of himself. “He’d not forgotten a thing!”

When Edmund got home, his mom took one look at his piled-up wagon and shook her head. Colin told her he had “tried to help.”

“Edmund,’” his mother asked, “did you remember to give out all the invitations?”

“What invitations?” Edmund exclaimed, “You forgot to give them to me!” But Edmund’s little brother didn’t mind. He thought his party was going to be the best ever!