“Pigeon Math” is about a pigeon who is trying to tell a story.  Telling a story about pigeons should be simple. But what’s a narrator to do when the number of his feathered friends is constantly changing?  A series of humorous events keeps happening, causing the pigeon to restart the story.  Can our storyteller use math facts to keep up with the unstable quantities. . . or is this pigeon-centric tale doomed?



A one-to-ten counting book featuring a cast of active pigeons.


Asia Citro – Author
Richard Watson – Illustrator

“One bright and sunny morning, ten pigeons” sit on a wire when along come some bees and throw them all into a tizzy.

A handful of the pigeons take off — we can count their tails in the margins of the pages.


 “OK. Let’s try that again. Um, ten minus six is… …four.”

Our children will see right away …   if six pigeons fly off, that leaves four—this is math at its most accessible.  🙂


So now, there are four until one pigeon finds a sandwich that lures four of the dispersed birds to return! That adds up to eight.


And then, of course, one more obstacle….It begins to rain!!!!  Six Pigeons fly away to seek shelter. 


Again, our children can count the birds to arrive at the new number, or they can work the equation that is provided: “Let’s see…eight minus six is…”? On the counting game goes,  via interruptions into the twilight, when the narrator finally gives up!   These pigeons won’t stay still long enough to introduce them—until it comes time to go to bed and end the story.

Good fun for our youngest mathematicians!

2020 Mathical Prize Winner


If this book appeals to your family, I encourage you to listen to “Pigeon Math”