For my final blog post of 2020, I’d like to share a book that was just published.  After the Snowfall  is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces our children to the wonder of nature in winter.  While the narrative may be slim, the marvelous art will warm up your family this Winter.


After the Snowfall

Rich Lo – Author and Illustrator

Sparse prose follows a red fox peering from a den, seeing other animals of the forest—a buck, a great horned owl, squirrels, mice, a moose, and more—and making note of their actions while journeying to the stream for a drink. “His thirst quenched, the fox heads home,”  rejoining his family: a vixen and kits. The quiet, documentary tone echoes the stillness denoted on the first page , “All is silent”.





Dear Families,

I’m looking forward to sharing more lessons with you in 2021. In the meantime, hold one another close as we journey together during this challenging time.

Be well.  Be safe.

Kathy apRoberts