Quiet and unpretentious, this is a simple story of charmed mice that offers a sweet depiction of companionship and creature comforts.  For some families it may wind up being a favorite.


Two newly-made paper mice explore a house at night and find what they didn’t know they were looking for . . . each other!



“With a snip and a clip, and a clip and a snip” an elderly woman and a girl craft two paper mice from a security-lined envelope and a sheet of white paper. The mice, christened Ralph and Della, are “placed between the pages of two books, pressed flat, and put away.”

After the house settles into sleep, the mice awaken from their literary slumber and, each unaware of the other, explore the quiet house.



Della is delighted to discover a dollhouse and clothes. Ralph explores the kitchen and sets his sights on a loaf of bread.


Once the two mice meet, their enjoyment multiplies….. dashing across piano keys, investigating the pantry and discovering a perfectly sized dollhouse.


It’s only when Della spots Ralph drying himself in front of the fireplace’s embers and saves him from an errant spark that the mice truly begin to enjoy their nocturnal adventures:

“Out into the darkness they’d each ventured—alone— and found true comfort: a friend.




Make Some Little Paper Mice…