Mathematics is a creative and visual subject. Today’s activities give space for our children to exercise the visual part of their brain. It encourages them to be visual and make connections between decomposing larger shapes into smaller shapes or composing smaller shapes to make larger shapes.



This activity makes space for the whole family to be creative! Together, create as many designs as possible using four isosceles triangles. You can print out the template or draw your own and cut them out.

Your shapes need to follow following constraints.

Each shape must have:

1. Four isosceles triangles.
2. No gaps or overlaps between triangles.
3. Each triangle touching at least one other triangle.
4. Triangles touching along sides of the same length.

For example, this satisfies the constraints:

And this does not satisfy the constraints:

Print out a set of 4 triangles for each family member participating.

Isosceles Triangles pdf




Age 5 to 7


Spend some time with your children looking at the two triangles above.
What do you notice?
What is the same and what is different about the two pictures?

Now, it is your turn to color!
Explore ways of coloring the black and white outline of the triangles:

Can you make symmetrical patterns? With two colors? Three colors?
More than three colors?

Print for your family:
Coloring Triangles