This activity is an opportunity for our children to strengthen their ability to visualize. Visualization is required in two ways. First, our children must plan ahead so as not to leave impossible spaces. Second, they must try to turn each piece in their ”mind’s eye” to decide which is needed for a particular gap.



Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Can you cover the picture of the camel with pieces shaped like this?

piece       flipped over tile

Here Are Some Key Questions

Where might be a good place to start?
Is there anywhere else you can put a piece first?
If you put that piece there, will you be able to fit another one in easily?
Have you tried turning the piece around?
Have you tried turning the piece over so it’s the other way up?
Have you got any spaces that you can’t fill?
Have you counted the number of squares in the gap?

Cover the Camel

Cover the Camel Pieces