“My advice to the person suffering from lack of time and from apathy is this:  Seek out each day as many as possible of the small joys.”             Hermann Hesse

The little joys … they are so inconspicuous and scattered so liberally throughout our daily lives that many times, we hardly notice them.  They are quietly waiting for us to slow down and enjoy them.


Tiny, Perfect Things

M.H. Clark – Author
Madeline Kloepper – Illustrator

“A mindful appreciation of often unnoticed delights enhanced by subtle and stunning illustrations.”  Kirkus

Open your eyes and see the wonderful things all around.  Tiny, Perfect Things is the story of a child and a grandfather whose walk around the neighborhood leads to a day of shared wonder as they discover all sorts of tiny, perfect things together.   With rhythmic storytelling and detailed and intricate illustrations, this is a book about how childlike curiosity can transform ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.



A “Tiny Perfect Things” Scamper

Go on a scamper around your home and/or around your neighborhood. Search for your favorite tiny objects and make a collection of them or take photos of what you find.  Here are some examples from my yard.

Please share your photos of the tiny, perfect things you find.


And finally…………

What brings joy to your family?