“The Suitcase” is full of heart and humanity.  It is about friendship, and how it can blossom when we least expect it. It’s about recognizing that when someone is in need and we are in a position to help, then that’s what we should do.  Something wonderful just might happen.

The story of this peculiar stranger with seemingly tall tales has the ability to enrich and enlighten our world, and hopefully we can do the same.


A touching, timely tale about the importance of kindness and understanding.


Chris Naylor-Ballesteros – Author


When the weary stranger arrives one day, with only a suitcase, the other animals are full of questions:
Why is he here?
Where has he come from?
And just what is in that suitcase?

To learn the answers, they can either trust the newcomer or discover what they risk by not believing him.

A story about hope and kindness, truth and perception—and most importantly, about how we treat those in need.




The Stranger has to ‘leave’ his home with just two precious items in a suitcase-a photo of his home and a cup and saucer.

This story  provides an opportunity to talk with your children about their special things ….. a favorite toy, a photo or even just a found object and the reasons why they are so special to them.Ask them to choose three of their items.  Once packed and ready to go, you can set off on your own imaginary ‘journey’ together.

Questions you can talk about:

Where are you going?
How will you get there?
How long is it going to take?

You don’t need a suitcase, a bag will do just as well and remember to try and let your children choose for themselves. You may be surprised at the results!