Gus Gordon presents the us with a timeless, rather adult dilemma: how to act in the face of irresistible temptation.  The choices are provocative: impulsivity versus reflection, indulgence versus sacrifice, hoarding versus sharing…hmmm.   This book is definitely an opportunity for an interesting family discussion.



Gus Gordon – Author

Two little flying insects discover a beautiful peach, rosy and golden as the setting sun, still on the branch.   “It’s the most beautiful peach I’ve seen ALL summer,” says the bug dressed in blue. “Wouldn’t you agree?” “I do agree,” responds the red-shirted friend: “In fact, it’s the most beautiful peach I’ve seen in ALL the summers.” The two quickly decide they “must eat that peach at once.

Then a venerable praying mantis, clad in top hat and cane, stops them, warning: “You can’t eat that peach! It’s the last peach of the season.”  The two friends then go back and forth, hilariously debating whether to devour the peach together or alone, to share it with others or to leave it entirely.



THE LAST PEACH – Read by Gus Gordon

“The Last Peach” is such a delightful story, especially because of it’s hilarious surprise ending!



1.  Write a poem about your favorite fruit.   Begin the first line with  “Dearest………………”
Include in your poem all the reasons that you like this fruit.  Mine is inspired by a special child that loves raspberries.  🙂

Dearest Raspberries,
You fit so nicely on my ten fingers,
Nana says you are the perfect serving size!
I don’t need a bowl or even a spoon!
In you go!  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7,8, 9, 10!
You are my favorite fruit!


2.  Try your hand at drawing or painting some silly bugs.  🙂


3.  If you feel like coloring….  the author created a coloring page for you.

Coloring Page
The Last Peach – pdf