It seems like the perfect time to embrace the lost art of  letter writing.

This charming story is centered around the Jolly Postman who has to deliver mail for popular fairy-tale characters. His mail route includes the Three Bears, the Wicked Witch, the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks.

The letters he delivers are written by famous fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters such as Goldilocks, Peter Piper, and Mrs. Bunting.  When characters open their mail, they find all kinds of things in their letters: an advertisement which will appeal to witches and other magic folk; a little book; a postcard, an “I’m sorry” letter, and much more.

Listen to the book:

For your preschoolers…
A charming British children’s song about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Let’s Write……

The Jolly Postman includes different types of mail…  

A letter of apology

A postcard to Mr. V Bigg

An official letter  to B.B. Wolf, Esq

Writing Suggestions…

1.  Write a postcard to a character.  There are some attached for you.


2.  Write a thank you letter to your postman.

Our mail carriers are important members of our community.  Maybe you’d like to leave a thank letter for your postman.  🙂

3.  Think about someone special you are missing and write them a letter or mail them a picture you’ve made.