This is a story that celebrates the enduring power of friendship over time and distance.

“If we have learned anything in 2020, it is how much we depend on one another for love and support, especially in difficult times. I hope this story resonates with families all over the world who will share it together in that spirit.”   Meg Medina


A tender story of friendship and change.


Meg Medina – Author
Sonia Sanchez – Illustrator

“A big truck with its mouth wide open is parked at the curb, ready to gobble up Evelyn’s mirror with the stickers around the edge . . . and the sofa that we bounce on to get to the moon.”

Evelyn Del Rey is Daniela’s best friend. They do everything together and even live in twin apartments across the street from each other: Daniela with her mami and hamster, and Evelyn with her mami, papi, and cat. But not after today—not after Evelyn moves away. Until then, the girls play amid the moving boxes until it’s time to say goodbye, making promises to keep in touch, because they know that their friendship will always be special.

When the time comes to say goodbye, plans are made and big hugs are given. The ending hints at a friendship that lasts into future years, but the beauty of the book lies in the sheer pleasure and exhilaration exhibited by the girls as they enjoy the present moment.






Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away is about the beauty of friendship. At the end of the story, we see a more grown-up Daniela reading letters she received from Evelyn over the years.

  • As a family, talk about writing letters to friends and family members, specifically those you mis

  •  Sit down and write a letter to someone you miss.
    Dictate your letter and have someone older write it for you.

  • Finally, decorate and mail your letter.