This book has endearing, unexpected details and is a heartwarming affirmation of the powers of aspiration and determination.  The Dog Who Wanted To Fly is such an empowering story for young children to read because it encourages them to follow their dreams even if the world or people around them are constantly telling them they can’t do something.



A clever and endearing story, expertly illustrated, with an affirming message.


Kathy Stinson – Author
Brandon James Scott –  Illustrator

Zora sighed…
She could jump up.
She could shake a paw.
She could roll over and take a bow.
Why couldn’t she fly?

A chattering squirrel just out of reach is the frustration of many a dog. Though a chase may be all that is wanted, but unlikely to happen when the squirrel remains out of reach, that mocking babble is taunting, and Zora is determined to find relief. If only she could fly!


Tully the cat may be the voice of reason, stating quite clearly that “Dogs can’t fly” but Zora is resolute.

When Zora stares at the squirrel that yaks at her from the fence and chases it, she isn’t fast enough to catch it. Again. But she knows that if only she could fly, she would succeed.  She bounces as high as she can and she crashes. She flaps her ears and her tail and she crashes. She tries to springboard from a teeter-totter and she crashes. She considers using an umbrella but that idea is thwarted by a human. She fashions herself into a plane with ears, paws and tail extended.  She splays on the ground, imitating the shadow of an airplane flying overhead, whispering, “Up! Up! Up!!” but she still doesn’t fly.

Disheartened, Zora heads off to nap when she is interrupted by a cry for help and sees Tully, hanging perilously from the branch.

Still, when Tully begins to fall from a perch on a branch, Zora zings to the rescue.  “Zora’s everything tingled!” She leaps high for Tully, catching her.


Here’s to Zora who doesn’t let logic keep her from her dreams and to the squirrel and Tully who will have to rethink what a dog can and cannot do.



Imagine if you could fly. Where would you go? Make a picture of how you think it would look from above.