Although some may regard art education as a luxury, simple creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development.  Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics is important to the development of our children as the grow up.  Remember, what your children do with art is more important than what is made.


Learning in and through art transforms the way children create and understand art.

A Life of Color

Author – Cara Manes
Illustrator – Fatinha Ramos, with artwork by Sonia Delaunay

“Art is all around us, always,”

Sonia Delaunay made enormous contributions to the development of abstraction in the early 1900s.  This ingenious book is part biography and part lesson in color and design theory.  The author has Delaunay take off in a colorful flying car to show her son the colors, patterns and textures that shape her work. She shows her son that even the sounds and feelings can be incorporated into design.

Ramos’s lovely, playful art pulls off the tricky task of evoking Delaunay’s while standing strongly on its own.”  MOMA

Sonia Delaunay – Life of COLOR from Friction on Vimeo.

Although Sonia Delaunay is very famous for painting, she is also known for designing clothing, furniture and even cars! She was the first woman to ever have an art showing at the Louvre Museum in France.  Enjoy this video of her work


Create Your Own Art

Here are some things to think about when you make your artwork.

  • Look around your house for round items.  You will be tracing around different objects to make a variety of circles.

  • Fill page with different sized circles.

  • Try to make some of them concentric….circles inside of other circles.

  • You might like to split some of your circles in half with a ruler.

  • Add watercolors, markers or crayons to your work.

  • Trace your project with a black marker.