When we look for patterns, we notice what changes and what stays the same from one picture to the next. Drawing or building the pattern helps us think about what comes next!  Support your children’s thinking by working together using drawings and/or colored blocks.


What do you notice? 

Discussion suggestions

  • The pattern starts with 1 ice pop and then adds 2 more in a different color. One is on the top and 1 is on the side. Then it does it again.

  • I notice that it looks like the letter L.

  • It’s getting bigger and longer each time it repeats.

  • I notice that it goes in a rainbow—red, orange, yellow, and then green.

  • I notice there’s 1 ice pop, then 3, then 5, then 7. It’s counting by 2s each time.

  • The number of ice pops is more each time the pattern repeats.

  • I notice that you can add the number of ice pops going up and the number of ice pops going to the side to find out how many ice pops are in each step. The first step is 1 popsicle, next it is 2 + 1, then it’s 3 + 2, then it’s 4 + 3.

What do you wonder?

Discussion suggestions

  • How many ice pops would this biggest picture in the pattern have?

  • Will the next one add blue ice pops?

  • Does this pattern ever end?

What comes next?

  • Show or tell what the next few items in the sequence look like.

  • Describe how you know.

The next one would have 9 ice pops, then 11 ice pops, then 13 ice pops.  They would all look like the letter L.


What could the 10th item look like?



Special thanks to the Math Learning Center for providing “Math At Home” resources for families.