What’s on the other side of the forest? A young rabbit and his father are determined to find out.  The villagers share their curiosity and the longing to know the unknown. They all find the ultimate answer to the question: what is on the other side of the forest?  Someone like themselves. They are not alone.

This heartwarming story shares the importance of community and cooperation to achieve a big dream.


On the Other Side of the Forest

Nadine Robert – Author
Gerard DuBois – Illustrator

“I live with my dad and my dog, Danton, on a little farm, in the middle of a clearing surrounded by a big forest.
People say that wolves live in the forest, and ogres and giant badgers.
No one ever goes in there!
My dad isn’t the sort who believes these stories.

No one knows and no one finds out because the forest is too dense, too dark, and too dangerous to cross. But one day, Arthur’s dad has an idea – a magnificent idea. So it begins, a young rabbit and his father are determined to look for an answer. They are going to build a tower to look over the treetops and see the other side of the forest!

“Let’s go to the mill and grind this grain,” says Dad,
loading up the cart.  “I’ll explain to you on the way.”

“We are going to build a tower,” he tells me. “A very tall tower so we can see over
the trees to the other side of the forest.”

“A tower?” I reply.  “But what are we going to build it with?”

The ideas soon develop into action. The father and son rabbit team works hard day after day – they bake bread and exchange the bread for rocks.

The villagers arrive carrying stones  and trade them for bread.

Soon the loaves of bread have all been traded for stones.
“Time to get to work, Arthur!” Dad says.

Their hard work and resourcefulness eventually attract many villagers to join and help them. With the whole community engaging in the labor, the tower grows fast and finally, there it is, ready for the rabbits to see the other side of the forest.

Arriving at the top, they finally discover what there is beyond the forest.

Guess what they find?

Another creature on another tower, trying to answer the same question.