“There is growing evidence that strong spatial reasoning skills in preschool help support math learning in elementary school,” said Newcombe. “Beyond math, spatial thinking is important in and of itself for fostering interest in science, math and technology.”                                                             Nora Newcombe, a Temple University, Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center

Spatial skills are what allow us to “picture the locations of objects, their shapes, their relationship to each other and the paths they take as they move.” Maps support spatial thinking by helping children visualize where objects, places, cities, and countries are in relation to one another. Quite literally, maps help them figure out their place in the world.



By David Elliot

Henry is a very particular sort of pig. “A place for everything and everything in its place,” he always says. But when he looks out his window he is troubled. The farm is a mess!  Henry is worried that nobody will be able to find anything in this mess. So he draws a map showing all the animals exactly where they belong.  And Henry embarks on a journey through the farm, his friends tagging along as he creates his map: sheep in the “woolshed” , chickens in the coop, the horse in the stable. After the map is complete, Henry uses it to bring himself back home, where he is relieved to know that he is exactly where he belongs. A place for everything and everything in its place, indeed.

Here is Henry’s farm.

Henry’s map is a drawing of the farm which includes all the animals’ homes.




Mapping for Your Preschoolers 

Using simple shapes, make a map with blocks of a familiar place or use paper shapes

Mapping Activities for Your K-4 Children

All of these are both enjoyable and valuable mapping activities.  🙂

  • Draw a map of your room.

  • Draw a map of the rooms in your house.

  • Imagine looking at your house from above.  Draw a diagram of your house and yard.

  • Make a LEGO floor plan of your house.

  • Create a make believe map.


You may want to consider another charming book about mapping……… written from a child’s point of view.



By Sara Fanelli