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I hope you are all doing well.  As we continue on together, I am adjusting my schedule a bit.  I will be sending lessons only on Mondays and Wednesdays.
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When we look for patterns, we notice what changes and what stays the same from one picture to the next. Drawing or building the pattern helps our children think about what comes next. 

In addition, I have included this link:  “Kids May Be Ready for Math Earlier Than You Think”


What Comes Next?

Apple Families

1.  What patterns do you see?

  •          I see big, medium, little, little; then big, medium, little, little again.

  •         I see red, red, green, green, red, red, green, green.

2.  What would the next four objects in the pattern look like?

3.  Create your own pattern. 

Use objects from your home or draw them on paper.

Share your pattern with someone and ask them what comes next!



What Comes Next?

Colorful Ladybugs


What do you notice? What do you wonder? What comes next?

“What do you notice?”  suggestions…

  • The ladybugs are red, yellow, and green. 

  • The number of  spots on the ladybugs are the same on each color. All the red ladybugs have 2 spots, all the yellow ones have 4 spots, and all the green ones have 6 spots. 

  • They are counting up  by 2s. 

  • The pattern starts again after 3 colors of ladybugs. 

1.  Show or tell what the next few pictures look like. 

2.  Create your own pattern and share it with someone else. Ask them what comes next!



New research – “Kids may be ready for math earlier than you think, new research suggests”