This delightful picture book is about sharing and being a good friend. The enduring lesson is that sharing is a type of generosity that shows you care.  Learning to share can be a challenge for our young children, but sharing is a skill they need for play and learning throughout childhood. 



Carrie Finison – Author
Brianne Farley – Illustrator

LouAnn (a bear) is making a doughnut feast in preparation for her long winter’s nap. But just before she takes the first bite, DING DONG! Her friend Woodrow (a woodchuck) drops by. LouAnn is happy to share her doughnuts, but as soon as she and Woodrow sit down to eat, DING DING! Clyde (a raccoon) is at the door. One by one, LouAnn’s friends come over–Topsy (an opossum) and then Moufette (a skunk) and then Chip and Chomp (chipmunks)–until it’s one big party. Louann welcomes her surprise guests and makes batch after batch of doughnuts, always dividing them equally among her friends. But she makes one BIG miscalculation. Soon LouAnn’s kitchen is bare, winter is near, and she’s had nothing to eat at all!





Here are two child-friendly recipes – one for doughnuts that are fried in a small amount of oil, and one for doughnut cookies that taste like farm-stand apple cider doughnuts.  Click  links to open recipes.

Note – We just tried King Arthur’s Gluten Free Donut Mix, and they are delicious.  Baked not fried.