Mathematics is certainly a creative subject. It involves spotting patterns, making connections, finding new ways of looking at things and using what you already know in new contexts. Creative mathematicians play around with examples, draw pictures, have the courage to experiment and ask good questions. Have some fun!




Here are some circles which I’ve built with pennies, counters, and rings. I used 10 coins, 12 counters, and 19 rings.

I wonder how many pennies, counters, and rings you would need to make the next size up for each design?   My shapes are a triangle, a rectangle and a hexagon.

What is your idea of the “next size up”?


More questions for you to answer.  I suggest some family teamwork.  🙂

What shapes could you build by putting all the circles together?

How many would you use?

How many would you need for the next size up?

This is really an adventure in arranging circles, counting and deciding what comes next.
Use some big circles (I have used paper plates!) and start to make the triangle shape with your children watching. After using about eight, ask them to suggest where the next should go. 
You could then show them the other two arrangements and pose the questions as in the problem.  🙂




Can you cover the picture of the camel with pieces shaped like this?

piece       flipped over tile

You may want to print off and cut out the camel and pieces, here are the links to pdfs.


Cover The Camel Pieces. pdf

Please share a photo of your family’s completed the camel and send in pictures of him/her completely covered!  🙂