There are important developmental benefits of poetry for childrenPoetry helps in language development, creative language skills, creativity, writing skills, self-expression, and in the development of natural rhythms. … Poetry is important for children, and poetry is good for adults as well.

p.s.  It’s also a lot of fun!


Let’s start with something silly.


Meet the stegosaurus, Wayne.
He doesn’t have the biggest brain.
He’s long and heavy, wide and tall,
but has a brain that’s extra small.

He’s not the brightest dinosaur.
He thinks that one plus one is four.
He can’t remember up from down.
He thinks the sky is chocolate brown.

He wears his bow tie on his tail
and likes to eat the daily mail.
When playing hide-and-seek he tries
to hide by covering his eyes.

He thinks that black is really white.
He’s sure the sun comes out at night.
He thinks that water grows on trees
and when it’s hot he starts to freeze.

He’s happy when he’s feeling ill.
He likes to dance by standing still.
And when it’s time to go to bed,
he puts bananas on his head.

He thinks his name is Bob, not Wayne,
but that’s what happens when your brain
(although you’re big and brave and spiny)
is very, very, very tiny.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

A Motionpoem for Wayne the Stegosaurus:


Now, let’s write a poem…….


“I wish……………..”

  • I Wish” Poetry is about 5-10 lines long.  

  • Each sentence begins with ‘I Wish’ and continues with wishful ideas.

  • It does not have to rhyme. 

  • If you would like to make this a family activity, change it to a “We Wish……” poem.


Step 1: Brainstorm

Think of at least ten things you wish for. Think of things you care about, you enjoy, or you want to see different in the world.

Step 2: Write Your Poem
Write your ideas beginning each sentence with ‘I wish.’


I Wish I Was a Bird

I wish for wonderful feathered arms,

I wish I could be carried by the wind’s currents,

I wish I could soar about, looking down on fields of gold, red and brown,

I wish gliding above our coastline was possible,

I wish I was a bird.

 Kathy apRoberts