In a world where perfection is emphasized, this is an important topic. Beautiful Oops! teaches children there’s no such thing as perfect.  Imperfection is okay, no, no… it’s beautiful. And seeing the beauty and extraordinary possibility in the things that go wrong…perfectly wonderful!



Barney Saltzberg – Author

A celebration of creative thinking, this small-format book encourages us to view mistakes not as failures but opportunities. “A torn piece of paper…” (the cardboard page is actually torn) “is just the beginning”: the beginning of a smile for an alligator. Various spills and blobs are transformed into animals, a crumpled piece of paper becomes wool for a sheep, and in the book’s standout scene, a panel with a hole in the center telescopes outward, accordion-style, to reveal a tiny creature way at the bottom.   Ages 3–adults!



Oh, the possibilities

This is a simple creative activity for everyone.

  • All you need is a large piece of butcher paper splattered with different colors of paint.

  • Place your paper on a large table so everyone can participate.

  • Art tools:  crayons, colored pencils, markers



Family discussion……..

  • How does it make you feel when you’ve made a mistake?

  • Do you know anyone who you think has not made any mistakes?

  • Do you think making a mistake could ever make you feel happy?