Our children’s brains grow and change.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that experiencing both mistakes and challenges are  important for brain growth.  Mathematics is about depth not speed. Engaging with  mathematics – visually, in words, numbers, algorithms, tables, graphs and other forms  encourages brain connections and brain growth.




Leo the Rabbit wants to climb up a flight of 10 steps.

He can only hop up 1 or 2 steps each time he hops. He never hops down, only up.

How many different ways can Leo hop up the flight of 10 steps?


Print the pdf to help you with your thinking





This game is intended for children who are just beginning to become confident with small numbers.  However, you can make it suitable for older children by simply changing the total for each box or making up your own rules.


You need a partner, a 16 die and a grid like this;

Take turns to throw the die and draw that number of dots in one of the boxes on the grid.

Put all of your dots in one of the boxes. You can’t split them up and you can’t have more than six dots in a box.

When a box is full, you could put a tick in the corner like this:

Keep going until there are three ticks in a row or column or diagonal. The winner is the person who puts the last tick.

Now, can you change the game to make your own version?