Take a walk on a windy day, or just stand outside for a few minutes.  Talk about the wind with your children and explore what it does……………. Can you see the wind? How do you know it’s blowing? What does it do to objects and the people around you? What does it do to the trees? How about flags?
Can you hear the wind? What does it sound like when it blows through the leaves and against the windows?
How does the wind feel? Can you feel it blowing against your own body and clothes?


A beautiful story about playfulness, cooperation and friendship 


Sometimes the best things appear out of thin air. First the wind steals Ollie’s hat. Then it darts away with his scarf. But is the wind just naughty or is it trying to tell Ollie something?

A delightful picture story book from first time author and illustrator Ronojoy Ghosh, Ollie and the Wind tells the story of a young boy who lives on an island where there are very few people but where there is plenty of room to play. Ollie loses his hat and then his scarf in the wind. He tries to catch the wind to ask for his things to be returned but is not successful. He decides the wind is just naughty, but when it takes his balloon he realizes the wind wants to play. After bringing out several toys that are rejected by the wind Ollie has an idea, and hurries outside with what turns out to be an ideal play thing that suits them both. Ollie plays through the night and looks forward to the time they will play together again.




Thinking about Ollie’s experience with the wind……

Brainstorm answers to these questions.

1. List the toys and games that Ollie tries to get the wind to play with. Which ones does the wind like? Why do you think that is?

2. Can you think of any other toys or games that use the wind?

3.  How can you figure out the direction of the wind?



Let’s make a pinwheels to help us observe the direction of the wind.