There is no better place to observe the different scales and dimensions of the natural world than in the study of the circle in nature and its related forms.  This is a  delightful celebration of all things round… curves, spirals, orbs, and bubbles of full-bodied beauty.  AND….The comfort of  this perfect form can also be felt beneath a cozy blanket, in a circle of friends, encircled by loving arms.



Written by Joyce Sidman
Illustrated by Taeeun Yoo

This is a perfectly square book about round things. A dark-haired little girl who favors polka-dotted overalls talks about the many wonderful, almost magical attributes of her favorite shape:   “I love when round things pop up quickly… and last only a moment, ” she says, while blowing bubbles in a meadow. And, while counting rings on a tree stump and finding tiny ladybug eggs on a leaf: “I love round things when they’re hidden, and you have to discover them.  Some hold secrets inside.  Some are almost too tiny to see.” 

And finally………. “I can be round too… in a circle of friends with no one left out”.  The book concludes with a circle of arms in a hug.

Two pages of back matter further explore the important question: “Why are so many things in nature round?”


Author Joyce Sidman reads aloud her book, ROUND, illustrated by Taaeun Yoo

First Lines
I love round things.
I like to feel their smoothness.
My hands want to
reach around their curves.
I love to see round things grow.
Some start out round….
like a seed
or an egg,
waiting to hatch.


Printing With Circles – A simple printing activity to explore the beauty and impact of circles.

Materials: paper, a variety of objects to print circles, tempera or finger paint in various colors, paper plates

1. Use a paper plate to set up a palette. Squirt some colors of paint onto the paper plate and spread them around a bit, careful not to mix the colors.
2. Grab any one of your circle objects, dip its round rim into the paint, and print several circles. 3. Repeat the process with different sized circle objects and a second color of paint. Overlapping is fine!
4. Repeat with a third color. Try to fill the entire page with circles.
Note:  Try different colors of paper for your circle printing.  


Printing with Fruit

You can also make this kind of painting with fruit or vegetables.
1. Slice in half lemons, apples, carrots, potatoes or onions.
2. Dip the cut sides in paint; then print.

The Comfort of This Perfect Form

Our Circle of Friends


Encircled By Loving Arms